UNIX/Linux System and Network Administration

Greetings, my name is John Johnston. I am an IT consultant and UNIX/Linux System and Network Administrator. In this economic climate it is sometimes difficult to justify full time personnel. This can be a problem particularly for small or medium sized businesses. Also, there are many discrete IT projects that do not call for a permanent staffing commitment yet must be completed so your company can continue to compete in a business environment driven by Information Technology. Those projects may include, upgrading to the latest Operating System. You may need someone to coordinate a company move and set up a new network infrastructure. The project might involve creating policies, procedures and documentation. There may be a need to set up an Engineering or IT lab. Projects come in different forms and may be as complex as assessing information security and implementing corrective measures or building an IT infrastructure from scratch. Or, it could be simply stepping in to provide support during crunch time or until permanent resources can be identified and put in place. You may even need temporary management to pull together a loosely knit group of IT professionals. If any of these situations describes your needs, I can help you.

I have over 20 years of professional experience and hold multiple industry-recognized technical certifications. Those years of experience include System/Network Administration spanning entry to senior level tasks and from individual contributor to project manager. I have provided support to user communities comprised of engineers to executive management. I have coordinated company moves and relocated networks. I have designed and built complex custom Information Technology Infrastructures supporting diverse applications running in heterogeneous environments. I have extensive training, which is my constant attempt to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of IT. My most recent training experience was in the area of information security. I participated in formal training and engaged in a practical project involving the use of security measures to protect a multi-platform Information Technology Infrastructure. That engagement forced me to hone my previous skills while acquiring new ones.

This wide exposure to such a vast array of challenges has armed me with the skills and experience to attack IT problems and provide successful solutions. I will bring a vast amount of experience to any company and with it the ability to function on many levels. I am willing to relocate temporarily to fulfill short term assignments. My unique collection of skills and experiences allows me to offer you the following services.

Services Provided

    Custom IT Consulting
    IT Contracting - UNIX/Linux System and Network Administration

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